As a business, we do primarily portraits, which includes all types, such as families, couples, children, seniors, pets, and professional business portraits. Generally, we charge a Session Fee of $100 for the first hour (usually with a one-hour minimum unless stated otherwise), or $150 for two hours. As the length of the session increases, our charge per hour decreases. Shoots are tailored to fit what you want, and we work with you by providing several different options in a way that you find what works for you. Your session is the full time period that you paid for and won’t be reduced by time spent on our set-up or preparation. This time is all about you! We work in different areas in mobile studio setups and in outdoor locations. 

The Session Fee covers the photographer’s time and equipment, and in most cases, at least one assistant. Our time invested is much more extensive than just the portrait session itself. It also includes all set-up and preparation time,  digital photo processing on each and every photograph taken, creating proofs, creating and uploading web galleries, and general website maintenance. In general, no prints are included in this cost. In some cases a Print Credit will be included in the cost of the Session Fee that can be used toward the purchase of prints. 

Your photos will be uploaded and displayed in your own personal Photo Gallery on our site. Your Gallery can be password protected for your privacy. In your Gallery your photos will be available anytime for you to view and purchase. The prices are listed in the Shopping Cart. Be sure to follow the links that take you to any discounts or current promotional offers.

Business portraits are done in our mobile studio location or at your business. These sessions are shorter than the general sessions described above and are usually 15 minutes in length, or less if we’re doing sessions with multiple employees at their business place. You would view and select three images during your session and they would be burned to a DVD and delivered the next business day. 


Event photography includes such things as sporting events, corporate functions, awards ceremonies, parties, etc. We would usually shoot most of those kinds of events in a (mostly) photo-journalistic style and try to capture enough of the details of the overall event to document the entire thing. The cost is charged on a ‘per assignment’ basis and every assignment is different. Since every client has specific requirements and expectations, it’s impossible to quote a price here without having specific details. Keep in mind that there are many variables in these types of assignments, including how much time is involved and the possibility for us to have future work or print sales coming from it. For that reason, the Assignment Fee might be a one-time fee that covers the photographer’s time and equipment, with all the photo files being turned over to the client at no additional cost, or the fee might include only our time at the event, with prints or digital files available at an additional cost. 

Digital Photo Editing

Photo editing, in addition to what we do in our basic processing, is available at a rate of $40/hour with a quarter hour minimum. Some examples of what you might have done would be to remove braces from teeth, change eye color, change eyes from one photo to another (if they’re looking the wrong way), change heads from one photo to another, remove elements from the scene, add elements to the scene, or even change the entire background. The options are almost endless. Call or email with a description of what you want done for a specific price quote.